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How to be the BEST Maid of Honor: Advice from 5-time Maid of Honor, Lauren


Is this your first time being Maid of Honor? Or maybe this isn't your first time but you want to make sure you go down in history as the BEST Maid of Honor ever? We get it, being the Maid of Honor is a great honor, but also comes with a lot of pressure. Your friend is stressed as she works to manage her wedding planning to-do list, navigate family drama, and still be a normal human. How are you supposed to help with all of that?

To get the best answers, we interviewed someone who has some serious experience as a Maid of Honor. Lauren Lambert has been the Maid of Honor in not 2, not 3, but 5 different weddings. She shared her top 5 tips for how to be the best Maid of Honor.

1. Take charge of the bachelorette party. Bachelorette parties are a ton of fun, but they require a lot of work to plan. It is your job as Maid of Honor to work with the other bridesmaids to find a date that works for (almost) everyone's schedule. Not all schedules will match but do your best and don't ever let the bride know if something isn't going as planned, or if someone isn't cooperating. Once the date is set, create a group text or group message on Instagram so everyone can easily communicate the details with each other. Plan an itinerary for the weekend, but be willing to flex on the timing when it comes to the actual party.

2. Plan to be the runner the day of the wedding. Try to think ahead about what needs to be done next before the Bride has time to start worrying about it. Check with your Bride's Wedding Planner to see if there is anything you can help with or be in charge of. Often times the Maid of Honor will be asked to bring the emergency kit around on the wedding day so that hair fixes, makeup touch ups, spills etc. can be taken care of easily.

3. Ask the bride how she wants unexpected things to be handled on her wedding day. Some Brides are hands-on and want to make all of the decisions up to the last minute (including on their wedding day). Some want others to make the decisions so they can relax and enjoy their day. Talk to your Bride ahead of time and then confirm how she is feeling the day of the wedding so everyone is on the same page about how to handle anything that comes up. Also, be sure to loop the Wedding Planner in on any issues that come up since she may have experience handling that particular issue and know the perfect fix!

4. Take lots of behind the scenes photos! Photos of hugs between Mom and the bride and silly moments among bridesmaids are so special. Then share the photos with the couple so they'll have something to share right after the wedding. One of the snapshots I took at a friend's wedding ended up being her favorite, even more than the professional photographer's photos! She has it framed in her living room.

5. Be prepared to help clean up after the wedding, whether its the day-of or the following day. If the bride is determined to help then that's ok, but don't leave without having helped as much as you can! Check with the wedding planner to see if any of the bride's personal items need to be taken to the hotel suite and help everyone load boxes of decor or alcohol into the cars at the end of the night.


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