Our Wedding Design services are for couples that want assistance creating a timeless, one of a kind wedding that authentically represents their style, their love story, and provides guests with "wow!" moments throughout the day.

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Do you want your wedding day to look like every other wedding on Pinterest? No? Same here. We can help you create a wedding day that feels like you. Let's take a deep dive into your aesthetic as a couple! 


We pull inspiration from your favorite clothing stores, your home decor, your travels, your culture - all of the elements that influence your personal style. We combine that with inspiration from special moments in your relationship, where you met, your favorite things to do together. 


We then translate this into intentional design elements for your big day. The result is a design that feels authentic to you, and is full of meaningful moments of surprise and delight for your guests.  

Did you have coffee and bagels on your first date? Let's have a coffee & bagel midnight snack for your reception! Do you love to cook together? Let's give your guests a culinary experience they wont soon forget.


Fill out the What's Your Wedding Style? Questionnaire

This is where we dive into your style, your personality, and what feelings you want your wedding to convey to your guests. We also ask about any special moments in your relationship, pets, favorite foods and more so that we have an in-depth understanding of you as a couple and can translate those elements into your wedding day.

Meet with your planner to create your Wedding Design Vision

Once we learn a little bit about you and your fiancé, we meet with you and begin discussing design concepts and planning the overall vision for your wedding. We will brainstorm everything (flowers, linens, invitations, attire, layout, guest "wow" moments) and hone in on what elements are the most important to your vision of your wedding design.

Our planner curates the elements of your design and creates a Digital Wedding Design Board

Our planners then create a Digital Wedding Design Board that includes curated pictures and descriptions for every element of your wedding. From the invitation suite to napkin folds to bouquets and hairstyles - no detail is overlooked.

Digital Design Board Presentation with your planner

This is our favorite part! We present your digital wedding design board to you, gather feedback and then hit the ground running. Once the final tweaks to the design are made, we then create a document that can be distributed to your wedding's aesthetic vendors so everyone is on the same page for your wedding design.

Collaboration with vendors on your design in our planning platform

Once you have booked your aesthetic wedding vendors (florals, rentals, decor) we then invite them to collaborate on their elements of your wedding design in our online planning platform. This allows easy communication between you, your planner, and your vendors on product details and discussion of possible adjustments to the design based on their products.

See your vision come to life on your wedding day!

On your wedding day, we are there to make sure that every detail of your wedding design is executed just as you had imagined, and you are able to enjoy the ambiance and compliments from your guests!


Wedding Design is included in the package price for our Full Service and Elopement Planning Packages, and is a premium planning option for our Custom Planning Package.

If you would like to add Wedding Design to your Wedding Management package, the price is $1000.

"We hired Rayven as our day of coordinator and could not be happier with our experience with her. She was thorough, prepared and did everything she could to make sure that our rehearsal and our wedding went perfectly. We could tell from the very first time we contacted her that we would be taken care of. Her responses were always prompt, she was patient with all of our questions, and accommodated our schedule from beginning to end. She worked really well with all of our vendors, and coordinated everyone's schedule. She worked out all the little details that had not even occurred to us. Overall, it was a joy to work with Rayven. She was incredibly professional, organized, personable. She worked hard to make sure everything went smoothly on our big day. We would absolutely recommend her for your wedding."

Thuy & Manny | October 2018 | Gainesville, FL